gzjjy AI Firewall, a new generation firewall, is designed based on the idea of intelligent defense and embedded with AI malware analysis engine. IIt frees itself from relying on signature-based to detect and judge the malware, instead, it detects the malware quickly through machine-learning model.. Thus, it can detect mutant virus and Trojan horses, unknown threats, 0 day attack and so on. Meanwhile, gzjjy can train and update the malware analysis model through the cloud threat intelligence and collect the botnets, Trojan horses, worms and viruses from the whole network as the training samples for the model so as to bring the precision of malware analysis model.



o Specializing in OWASP TOP 10
o Double-monitoring Mechanism of Behavior Recognition and Content Analysis
o Cloud Security Service Center
o New BD-WAF Monitoring Mode
o Generation of Emergency Technology Support Package with One Click
o Online Upgrade of Attacks and Feature Libraries
o High reliability
o Rich Graphical Reports



gzjjy Intrusion Prevention System(IPS) is capable of monitoring the network transmission in real-time, parsing data on layer 2 to 7 in depth, detecting attacks automatically, and analyzing the intrusion from the external and internal network. Before the system is compromised, it can block the attacks in real-time and provide remedial measures in order to maximize network protection



gzjjy Intrusion Detection System(IDS), adopts a new-generation adaptive prevention system which can collect transmission data packets of some key points in the network or system. It is capable of monitoring the network transmission in real time, detecting suspicious behaviors automatically, analyzing the intrusion from both extranet and intranet. Before the system is compromised, it can alert and respond to the attacks by collaborating with other security devices, as well as provide remedial measures in order to protect the network to the largest extent


gzjjy Security APP

gzjjy Mobile Security is an intelligently active mobile terminal security software that combines users' most wanted functions like e-bank security, data security, privacy protection, communication security, wifi inspection, anti spam message, anti nuisance call and anti malicious suction fee


gzjjy Information Security Technologies Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as gzjjy) was established in 1999 and went to public through ChiNext of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on March 15th, 2012 with its stock code being 300297. gzjjy is a leading player in the Chinese industry of information security as it offers one-stop solutions on information security to clients from various industries by virtue of its four-in-one business model of linkage development that covers security products, security solutions, security services and security operation. Following closely its industrial development strategy, gzjjy will work to bring out industrial ecosystem that centers around network security but simultaneously focuses on emerging technology security like internet application security and cloud computing security by relying on double driving forces of endogeny and extension.


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